• We believe in the Bible, that is the Word of God, wholly true and without errors. Scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching, correcting, and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16). We declare Gods Word, the Bible, to be complete and sufficient not needing any additions nor does it need support from any other source.

  • We believe in the trinity; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. There is one God represented in three persons.( John 1:1-3)

  • We believe that Jesus Christ was fully human yet at the same time fully God. That He was virgin born, lived a sinless life, was crucified and that He died and rose from the dead.

  • We believe that all men have fallen short of satisfying God’s standard of righteousness (Rom 3:23) and therefore salvation is through a gift of God’s own righteousness that comes only through Faith in Jesus Christ. Only those who receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior are covered by this Grace and therefore have the blessed privilege of living with Him for eternity.

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and that He dwells in those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is Gods seal of ownership given to us guaranteeing our place with Him in Heaven (Eph 1:14). We believe that a believer receives the fullness of the Holy Spirit upon salvation.

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit equips the believers with spiritual gifts for the building of the church. He gives us such gifts as He wills and for His purposes and not for our own benefit (Rom 12:3-8).

  • We believe in worship and ministry that has its emphasis on proclaiming the wonders of Christ and exalts God. We believe, as followers of Christ, that we have the privilege and the obligation to proclaim to a fallen world for the glory of God.

As a result of these strong beliefs, we offer the following ministries and programs.

Antioch Christian Academy

Access to quality education in the jungle is limited. Students in the Misahualli and surrounding area have only the option of attending their community school, which in some cases has only one teacher for grades 1st - 7th. It is common to meet students who are in 6th grade but have a 3rd grade reading level. There is a lack of access to technology, a degrading environment, and a surplus of students per teacher ratio.


We have established a school in the jungle that competes with the best schools in the country giving students in the jungle the opportunity to excel in the areas they can. Antioch Christian Academy currently has 157 students. Parents are expected to pay a tuition between $44 and $115 per month according to their income. This amount is enough for parents to feel as if it is a sacrifice to enroll their kids into school. Because we want to influence the family through the child we look for parents who are willing to sacrifice for their children


1.    Christ-like values and morals that reflect a personal relationship with God that extends into their professional lives - for the rest of their life.

2.    Well-developed critical thinking and problem solving attitude that guides a Christian worldview in a pagan world while being part of today’s solutions for the developing world.

3.    Outstanding communication skills - in English and Spanish - so students can influence others for Christ and as leaders.

Student Resident Home 

Our mission: To provide safe and secure student housing with a family environment for vulnerable children who are geographically unable to attend Antioch Christian Academy on a daily basis.

Core Values:

1.   Family Structured Environment

2.   Leadership development through example

Our Purpose: Develop a desire for change in the child through a God-centered family structure. Give an opportunity to vulnerable children who are geographically unable to attend the school on a daily basis.

Emmanuel Church

As a result of the relationships established with parents from Antioch Christian Academy and relationships in town, a local church project was established, which hopes to bring Christian teaching and preaching to the community.

Our mission is to make disciples who will one day make disciples. 

We hope to develop other house churches in communities adjacent to Misahualli and develop leaders that will continue with the mission. 

The Farm 

Mission: To create leadership development opportunities to students and short term mission participants by participating in chores and life experiences that a farm offers.

To produce high quality native products while protecting the environment connecting people with nature and local traditions to reach set goals of self-sustainability.


To establish a platform for the students and their parents to participate in various activities according to the needs of the farm with the purpose of developing and  producing work ethics such as responsibility, hard work, ownership, consistency, planning and more. In addition, parents who will benefit from the foundation will have the chance to give back to the ministry by investing their time and skills. The Farm will provide an opportunity to give back to the foundation by generating income through producing native products that will help reach set goals of self-sustainability. 


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