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We are an organization who is passionate about empowering children in the jungle of Ecuador so that they can break the cycle of poverty and abuse and share a message of transformation with their family, community, country, and world.
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Meet Johel

Every morning, instead of walking or taking a bus, Johel’s dad paddles the Napo River against the current to bring Johel to Antioch Christian Academy, since their village is not accessible by roads. To pay for as much tuition as they can, Johel’s dad stays at school working in construction. In the classroom, Johel loves his work and never gets into the trouble for which most young boys are known.


Meet Jessica

Jessica is 10 years old and is in 5th grade and she is one of eight students living at the Antioch Student Resident Home which provides her with a safe, loving, Christian home throughout the school year. Jessica returns to her home in the rural community of Paltacocha (a two-hour drive, 40-minute canoe ride and about a mile hike) on weekends and the holidays. While there, Jessica lives with her parents and 4 siblings. Jessica is timid at first, but once she opens up, she is a joker. She is very loving and loves to play at home with her mom. Jessica’s favorite color is orange and her favorite food is rice with fried egg.

Jessica with family.jpeg

Our missionaries and staff are passionate people. 

They invest their talent, time and treasure into fulfilling the great comission, " make disciples, ...teaching them,...baptizing them..."

Join the Mission

There are many ways you can join our mission to empower children of the jungle through education, values, and leadership so that they can break the cycle of poverty and share the  message of transformation with their family,community, country, and world.  

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