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The Daniel Initiative Scholarship Fund

Empowering Antioch Graduates

Meet Kory

Our first Antioch graduate to receive the Daniel Initiative Scholarship!

Originally from the highlands of Ecuador, Kory moved with her parents to the jungle about 10 years ago when they felt a calling from the Lord to be missionaries in the Ecuadorian jungle. Her dad serves as a pastor in a deep jungle community while her mom teaches at Antioch and her brother attends there too.

After moving from her early childhood home, Antioch quickly became a place that she could also call home as she began to make friends and trust her teachers. After attending Antioch for almost 10 years, Kory is a graduate in Antioch's first graduating class and she earned the "Antioch Award", which goes to the student(s) that best exhibit our values and mission as a school and organization.

In Fall 2023, Kory will pursue higher education by attending Welch College in Nashville, TN. She wants to study Psychology, then when she graduates, she wants to return to Ecuador to help and serve her people.


Giving to the Daniel Initiative Scholarship Fund will help underwrite the $7000/year that Kory and her family needs for her to go to college in the U.S. Give today to partner with her!


What is the Daniel Initiative?

The Daniel Initiative Scholarship Fund empowers students who graduate from Antioch Christian Academy to attend a university by providing different levels of merit-based scholarships.  

As Daniel 1:20 says, “He asked them for advice in matters that required wisdom and understanding. The king always found their answers to be the best. Other men in his kingdom claimed to get knowledge by using magic. But the answers of Daniel and his friends were ten times better than theirs.” (NIRV) As Daniel was chosen above his peers because of his character and wisdom, we expect to do the same with our top students.  

At Antioch, we will introduce this initiative to our students as they enter high school. There will be a specific set of requirements that students will need to meet to be eligible for the scholarship. Their choice of career and their sense of adventure can take them to a university in Ecuador or abroad.   

As the program grows and students begin to graduate from college, we expect that they will sow back into the Initiative financially or otherwise. This way we will have our students empowering the next generation. 

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