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OUR Ministries

As a result of our mission and strong beliefs, we offer the following ministries and programs to empower children of the jungle for God's glory.

Student Resident Home 

Our mission: To provide safe and secure student housing with a family environment for vulnerable children who are geographically unable to attend Antioch Christian Academy on a daily basis.

Core Values:

1.   Family Structured Environment

2.   Leadership development through example

Our Purpose: Develop a desire for change in the child through a God-centered family structure. Give an opportunity to vulnerable children who are geographically unable to attend the school on a daily basis.

Community Development

Building on the foundation laid over the last decade, we continue reaching beyond the Antioch campus. The basis of our Community Development Program is the belief that the command to Love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength and our Neighbors as ourselves serves as a template for connecting the deep needs of those around us with the healing power of the gospel. Our goal is to identify the Relational, Emotional, Physical, Educational, and Spiritual needs of kids, families, and communities and empower them to meet those needs. Our emphasis is using community resources to meet community needs as much as possible, but also connecting to outside resources when local resources are unable to meet the need.

Through strategic partnerships with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health, ACA, local churches, and Short-Term Teams, we are working to establish an interconnected support system based on Community Health Evangelism (CHE) model. This involved Health Care Services, Health Education, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Community development projects initiated and driven by the local community.

Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commission by raising up a generation of disciple-makers who make disciple-makers.

Antioch Christian Academy (ACA)

Access to quality education in the jungle is limited. Students in the Misahualli and the surrounding area have only the option of attending their community school, which in some cases has only one teacher for grades 1st - 7th. It is common to meet students who are in 6th grade but have a 3rd-grade reading level. There is a lack of access to technology, a degrading environment, and a surplus of students per teacher ratio.


We have established a school in the jungle that competes with the best schools in the country giving students in the jungle the opportunity to excel in the areas they can. Antioch Christian Academy currently has 241 students ranging from Pre-K thru U.S. 12th grade. Parents are expected to pay tuition based on their income so that they are invested in their child's education. Because we want to influence the family through the child we look for parents who are willing to sacrifice for their children.


1.    Christ-like values and morals that reflect a personal relationship with God that extends into their professional lives - for the rest of their life.

2.    Well-developed critical thinking and problem-solving attitude that guides a Christian worldview in a pagan world while being part of today’s solutions for the developing world.

3.    Outstanding communication skills - in English and Spanish - so students can influence others for Christ and as leaders.

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Warrior Basketball Club

Our mission: To empower basketball club student-athletes through the development of skills, discipline, and character in the game of basketball for God's glory. 

We will teach the following core values: character, discipline, teamwork, and excellence. 2 Timothy 2:4-5, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, and Colossians 3:23

We expect our student-athletes to act as representatives of Christ by playing with integrity and knowledge, supporting their teammates, respecting their opponents and in all circumstances to do their best.

Go Warriors!
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Short-Term Teams (STT)

Our vision is to expose, inspire and challenge team participants to become active givers of their time, talent and treasure for God's kingdom work. 

We focus on providing teams an opportunity to learn about Ecuador and JKC, while serving alongside what is already going on in ministry. Teams are doing jobs and programs that help us move forward, bring value to our students in and out of the classroom and ultimately provide encouragement to multiple levels of ministry.

We offer a variety of trips to accomplish different tasks that move the mission forward such traditional mission trips (kids and construction), medical missions, construction only, university study tours and more!

Student Resident Home
STM Teams
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