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The Daniel Initiative

Empowering Antioch Graduates

The Daniel Initiative empowers students who graduate from Antioch Christian Academy to attend a university by proving different levels of merit-based scholarships.  

As Daniel 1:20 says, “He asked them for advice in matters that required wisdom and understanding. The king always found their answers to be the best. Other men in his kingdom claimed to get knowledge by using magic. But the answers of Daniel and his friends were ten times better than theirs.” (NIRV) As Daniel was chosen above his peers because of his character and wisdom, we expect to do the same with our top students.  

At Antioch, we will introduce this initiative to our students as they enter high school. There will be a specific set of requirements that students will need to meet to be eligible for the scholarship. Their choice of career and their sense of adventure can take them to a university in Ecuador or abroad.   

As the program grows and students begin to graduate from college, we expect that they will sow back into the Initiative financially or otherwise. This way we will have our students empowering the next generation. 

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Meet Marisol

Our first Daniel Initiative recipient!

Hello! My name is Marisol Shiguango. I am the oldest foster daughter of the founders of Jungle Kids for Christ, Roberto and Charmai. In the last couple of years, I have participated in voluntary activities, such as a guiding and translating for short mission teams.


During the school year 2019 - 2020, I worked as an English teacher for Pre-K and Kindergarten at Antioch Christian Academy. Thanks to the work and motivation of the children and Antioch, I decided to start college and pursue a teaching degree so that I can fulfill my goals and return to work professionally.


In June 2021, I finished my first year of college and in the summer of 2021, I helped hosting short-term mission teams for JKC. My goal is to continue studying with the support of the Daniel Initiative, and also to be the first example for many young students at Antioch.

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