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At Jungle Kids for Christ, we empower children of the jungle for God's glory through three distinct ministries: Antioch Christian Academy, the Student Resident Home and the Basketball Club. Each one has its own focus but they all have one purpose, to break the cycle of poverty and abuse that exsists in the jungle.


In order to accomplish their goals, we have set up sponsorship programs that allow you to come alongside the student/child/player within one (or more) of the ministries by making a commitment to partner financially and through prayer.  

Ready to sponsor and make a difference? Scroll down or click the button below to get started!

Student Sponsorship at Antioch Christian Academy

At Antioch, we provide a high-quality, Christian education that is driven by relationships and discipleship and focuses on developing Christ-like values, critical thinking attitudes, and communications skills.  

Come alongside a student and their family with a sponsorship of only $45/month!

SRH House Transparent.png

Child Sponsorship in the Student Resident Home

In the home, we focus on the girls' as whole beings fostering healthy growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while also encouraging their inherent leadership skills.

There are two levels of child sponsorship.

  1. Full - $180/month

  2. Half - $90/month

Basketball Gradient Transparency.png

Team Sponsorship in the Basketball CLub

On the court, the athletes are training by practicing their physical basketball skills while also developing discipline and building character so that they will be representatives of Christ. 

Come alongside and partner with one of our five teams with a gift of $325/month!


Thank you!

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