For $45 dollars a month you can help sponsor a child who attends Antioch Christian School. This monthly support provides the following resources to a child throughout the school year.

  • A Christian-based, quality education driven by relationships and discipleship

  • Biblical based counseling services for the student and their family

  • School curriculum that aims for English fluency

  • Spiritual development through Bible based teaching and weekly chapels

  • Innovative and up-to-date classes

What opportunities will you have as a sponsor?

  • A chance to meet your student and their family

  • Correspondence with your student

  • Follow and keep up with your student until they graduate

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*Due to privacy concerns, safety and Ecuadorian regulations, we are not able to post individual pictures of each child with their name and detailed information. **Once you start sponsoring, a student will be selected and then an individual photo will be sent to you. 


Thank you!